Headteacher's Awards - Spring Term 2017


6P Poppy Wigley

For working hard in lessons, always joining in with discussion and finding the balance between school and cheer.

Katie Wills For working hard in all subjects all the time and pushing herself to work to the best of her ability.
6D Jack McNiff For having a positive attitude to school and making outstanding progress over this year - especially in Maths.
Simone Banerjee For always trying her best and producing work to a very high standard.  Miss Dakin has really enjoyed reading her brilliant stories.
6J Charlotte Jenkins For remaining focussed on achieving her targets and always striving to improve.
Jasmine Appleby For making a huge effort with her writing this term, leading to increased class participation and confidence.
5B Zion Araujo For making excellent progress with his writing.
Gwen Adams For always working hard in every lesson.  Well done, Gwen.
5DB Kiera Turner For making a huge effort in school, including various extra-curricular activities, such as; netball, music and dance.
Kai McGrath For being a kind and hardworking member of the class.
5G Nadim Ahmad Nadim is an excellent member of 5G, putting 100% into any tasks and setting a brilliant example to his classmates.
Lulu Baker Lulu is always so helpful and polite in and out of the classroom.  She always tries her best and wants to improve.
4PS Adam Lamy For a mature attitude in school towards his learning and outside the classroom.  He always makes sensible choices and is a great role model to all.
Grace Hancock For her continuous positivity and efforts in her learning.  She always tries her best and never gives up.
4J Aimee Burns For working with great determination to improve her skills and for always being kind and helpful.
Ayaan Rees For making a great effort to join in more with lessons, and for the improvement in the presentation of his work.
4H Harrison Chapman For being a positive role model to his peers and always demonstrating good manners.
Chloe Fry For her enthusiastic attitude to school and hard work in all lessons.
3P Harry Lawrence For always having a positive attitude to school and working hard in all subjects.  You are a pleasure to teach.
Tabitha Bongers For being an enthusiastic learner and always focusing on the task showing excellence in all subjects.
3C Max Sarssam For working hard on his handwriting and showing greater focus in lessons.
Poppy McNiff For always working hard even when she finds it difficult and for always helping Miss Channing.
3D Robi Hyatt For being an enthusiastic and conscientious student who always tries his best.
Ella Thompson For being a conscientious student who is dedicated to her education.