Formal communication to parents

  • Parents’ Evenings – there are two parents evenings one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term
  • Progress Cards – there are two, sent out between the Parents Evenings.
  • Yearly Report – sent out at the end of the academic year.
  • Meet the Teacher – one per year early in the Autumn term.

Parentmail PMX

We use Parentmail to communicate with parents for important dates, trips, concerts etc.  We ask all parents to sign up for this on entry to the school.

Weekly Communication

All year groups send a weekly Parentmail detailing what is happening the following week to include homework set and any important messages either whole school or year group.

School Calendar

On our website we have a school calendar giving key dates. Here you will find dates for when the terms start/finish to cover two years in advance.  Also INSET dates when the school is closed to pupils.


These are sent out at the end of each term.

Engaging with Parents Meetings

The ‘Engaging with Parents’ group meets once a term to discuss whole school issues.  The group consists of parents from across the school, the Headteacher, a Governor, and two members of staff.  The minutes are sent to all parents.

Class Teachers

If parents need to meet with the class teacher we request they make an appointment through the School Office.